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Established in 2007 by Designer/Craftsman Chris Birch, Birchwood utilises an innovative approach to design and quality craftsmanship to create custom timber furniture pieces.


Chris regularly designs and crafts pieces for both private customers and industry professionals such as architects and interior designers. This work encompasses a broad range of furniture and cabinetry as shown on the Gallery page. From simple built in cabinets for the home to high end artisan pieces and custom reception counters and board tables for commercial spaces.


Chris also has an evolving collection of his own bespoke designs which can be found in selected stores and galleries throughout New Zealand.


Each Birchwood project is always treated individually. This ensures the specific needs of each client are always met, regardless of the scale of the job.  Chris will happily work with you to explore all aspects of your project including basic design and details, dimensions, timber and material options and overall functionality.


Commissioning a custom article of furniture or cabinetry from Birchwood is not only an investment in longevity and quality but is also a personal process which allows the client to be involved in the creation of their surrounding environment.


Please feel free to contact Chris to discuss your requirements or to arrange a friendly consultation.